Freelance Graphic Artist located in Mesa, Arizona
In business since 1999, dedicated to creating
beautiful digital imagery and jewelry.

I will have events at Gallery TCR in Tempe, AZ on Nov. 7, 2015 and
Peace of The Universe Nov. 13, 2015 in Scottsdale, AZ
Visit the Events Page for more info.

New Items including new jewelry,
instant download hi-res photos, and
art in my Etsy Gift Shop!

I am an
Independant Distributor for
Young Living Essential Oils
Click on image for Link
Young Living Essential Oils

God Bless and Protect our
military at home or serving
in harms way. May those who
made the ultimate sacrifice
always be remembered.

Eagle Flag Image
I support the Constitution and pray our leaders come to their senses before we lose who we are in a sad world. I am a proud right wing, Christian, patriot, NRA member and if that means I am now an enemy of the state I wear that title proudly.

I love Madison Rising's Star Spangled Banner!

Latest 11x14 Poster Print "Jaguar Spirit" now available! Click Here for more info!

Latest Bookmark Designs now
available!Click on any image to
visit my Shop on Etsy.

Treasure Boxes Tuscan Grapes

Latest Bookcover Designs for Brighton Publishing
(Click on images to see more)

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